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Siobhán Quinn's unique BallyBoy look flows from the rich Celtic heritage of Ireland and her lifelong love and appreciation of Irish traditional craftsmanship.

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Celtic Heritage of Ireland

Siobhán Quinn's unique BallyBoy look flows from the rich Celtic heritage of Ireland and her lifelong love and appreciation of Irish traditional craftsmanship.

Irish Contemporary Design

Siobhán established BallyBoy Design in County Longford in the heart of Ireland, in order to bring her unique look to a global audience and to showcase the very best of Irish contemporary design.

Luxurious Collection

Siobhán's designs draw together Irish tweed, silk and silver to create a beautiful, distinctive and luxurious collection of capes and jewellery, made by some of Ireland's finest craftsmen and women

Traditional Irish Heritage

The soft tweed and sumptuous silk of our capes and wraps, reaches out from Ireland’s long tradition of making beautiful, hand crafted clothing from locally woven cloth. The tweed and silk combine together to create garments of great beauty and uniqueness.

There are references in Irish history dating back to the third century BC, to the Celts of Ireland wearing colourful woollen capes secured with a gold brooch. Silk was imported into Ireland as far back as the eleventh century AD and was manufactured in Limerick from the mid 1600s.

The Irish crafts men and women of today produce the heirlooms of the future that can be passed down through the generations.

Beautiful Irish Tweeds

Ireland is world renowned as a maker of fine tweed. Irish tweed, traditionally crafted, is acclaimed for its quality, individuality, versatility and colour blends.

Our capes and wraps are made from the finest 100% Irish wool tweed from John Hanly’s mill in County Tipperary, Ireland. We hand pick our tweeds for their fineness, softness and select colours that reflect the changing seasonal colours of the Irish landscape: the lush greens of spring, the purple heathers and pink fuchsias of summer, the rusty browns of autumn and crisp greys and blues of a winters day.

Ireland has a long history of using silk in hand crafted clothing. We line our garments in dupion silk, a plain weave and tightly woven, crisp silk with a lustrous surface. Woven with different thread colours, dupion silk creates an iridescent effect that is a perfect and stunning match for the seasonal colours of our tweeds.

Exclusivity and Luxury

When exclusivity and luxury combine with the patience and skill inherent in great craftsmanship, it produces something large companies have neither the time nor patience to do: handmade products defined by exceptional design, detail, quality and beauty. Our hand-finished capes, wraps and jewellery are made in limited editions by local craftsmen and women, who are passionate about the quality of their work and take pride in their consistent attention to detail and the beauty of each individual finished article.

The Finest Irish Craftsmanship

BallyBoy Design is a registered member of the prestigious Design & Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCoI). The DCCoI, is the main champion of the design and craft industry in Ireland, fostering its growth and commercial strength, communicating its unique identity and stimulating quality design, innovation and competitiveness. Membership is the result of a careful process of vetting and selection with particular attention being paid to craft skills and authenticity.

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